Braun Cruzer – Shave YOUR style‏

26 Sep



 Shave YOUR style



Braun introduces its cruZer styling range with an improved new look and functionality that allows you to shave your style. The range that includes cruZer face, cruZer precision, cruZer body and cruZer beard&head is designed to give you a head-turning cool face and body look, making you looking your best from head to toe. Easier than ever, these four weapons of style are bound to turn the spotlight on you.


Ronnie Abaldonado, the world number 1 breakdancer and Braun cruZer ambassador who has been part of the recent product line launch says “With everything around us trying to make us connected and closer than ever before, it is becoming harder to present yourself in your own unique way” He added “As a breakdancer, expressing my own style is what matters the most, my moves and my looks have helped me become the world no.1 and looking cool and beards are a part of this, and with the new Braun cruZer range all I have to worry about are my new moves.”


The cruZer range represents a full styling combination that includes Braun cruZer Face, the versatile dry shaver for shaving, styling and trimming your facial hair, and the precision tool Braun cruZer Precision, which is a handy trimmer for fine-tuning your style and working on the details of your beard and sideburns, in addition to the washable 2-in-1 tool for trimming and styling beard and hair styles of different lengths, the Braun cruZer Beard & Head and finally the Braun cruZer Body, the tool for boosting your body looks.


The Braun cruZer range is available now accross all leading hypermarkets in the GCC.


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