step by step on how to apply a smoky eye :

11 Aug


1- Use an eye liner and apply generous amounts on the top lashline. Follow that by applying a similar amount on the lower lashes. When applying the eye liner , always start wtih the outer corner of the eye.

2- Use a pencil brush to spread, blend and smudge the eye liner. Then apply a dark liner inside the rim of the eye.

3- Apply a dark eye shadow and blend it with the dark eyeliner you have just applied around the eye.


4- Use a soft and fluffy bruch to apply a light eyeshadow. Blend the light eyeshadow layer with the dark eye shadow layer.

5- Continue with applying the light eye shadow up the lid of the eye. Try to apply ligh shades of your color as you move up the eye-lid and away from the eye.

6- With a smokey eye look, you are going to need plenty of mascara. Apply mascara on both yuour upper and lower lashes with at least two coats. Then separate the lashes with a lash comb.


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