Gallery La Blanche

12 Jun



We will be having an exhibition from 13, 14, and 15th of June in Gallery La Blanche. Address: Mishref Block 4 Street 2 House 6
It will be a diverse exhibition with high quality products. The participants are: Aida Al Awadhi – Ramadhan Dara’as, Anwar Al Eidi-Spanish Brand of Dresses, Laila Hanbali-Syrian Serma Clothing, Amani Al Turkait-Ramadhan Dara’as, Dalia Al Essa-Dalooy Accessories, Bibi Al Eidi-Beyabe Jewellery, Deniz-Turkish Serma Dara’as, Zeina Al Essa-Islamic Swimwear, Reem Al Musallam-Ramadhan Dara’as, and Hala Al Qadhi-Moroccan Kaftans.

Telephone Number : 66867770

FaceBook : Gallery La Blanche



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