Lipton Pyramid Fruit Teas

7 Jun



Lipton Pyramid Fruit Teas to Add ‘Me-time’ to Tea-time


Pyramid shaped teabags with real fruit chunks to enhance women’s ‘me-time’ moments with a smooth and indulgent brew




Lipton, Unilever’s premium beverage brand, has recently introduced their latest innovation, Pyramid Fruit Teas in a new ‘pyramid’ shaped teabag, offering women an indulgent experience to enhance their personal down-time.


Tea has always been enjoyed as a simple and soothing cup of comfort. The Pyramid Fruit Teas offer tea lovers an entirely new way of enjoying their favorite brew. “We are introducing this product at a time when there is a growing understanding of the importance of managing our stress triggers by incorporating activities which aid relaxation to stimulate our senses. As such, through our Pyramid teas we want to inspire women to create mood elevating rituals which enhance their daily routine,” states Naveed Asghar, Marketing Director of F&B, Unilever Gulf.




Lipton’s Lifestyle Expert, Psychologist, Samineh Shaheem explains, “Women play many roles, and fulfill many responsibilities, leaving little to their own personal needs and requirements. Our busy lifestyles push us to incur heightened levels of stress, with little or no room for comfort and rest, which are essential for emotional and physical harmony. ”


The Pyramid teabag guarantees exceptional taste and indulgent flavors helping women create their own relaxation rituals in a cup. “We hope to bring about an awakening of sorts about the importance of cultivating some ‘me-time’,” adds Naveed Asghar




Made from a unique blend of longer tea leaves and real fruit pieces, the innovative shape of the Pyramid Tea Bags is fifty percent larger than regular tea bags. Bonded with heat, the revolutionary teabag allows the ingredients maximum room to infuse, enhancing the tea’s natural aroma, taste and color.




Each unique variant of Lipton Pyramid Fruit Tea is comprised of the highest quality, long leaf tea, handpicked from the top leaves of the plant by Lipton tea experts around the world. Lipton is the only tea brand in the world to be granted the patent for mass machine production of the pyramid teabag.




The range includes three tailor-made varieties specially created to cater to the region’s taste-buds; Lemon Mint Tea, Lemon Ginger Tea, and Cinnamon Tea, while international favorites include Forest Fruit Tea, Peach Mango Tea and Tropical Fruit Tea to complete the selection.




Lipton Pyramid Fruit Tea is now available at all major retail stores and supermarkets across the Gulf.

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  1. Padi B M 06/07/2011 at 10:56 am #

    Mmm,, do u think enh 6a3ma 7lu? ;/

  2. 6umasha 06/07/2011 at 11:02 am #

    eeee a7iss 7luuu

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