Cooking Unplugged with Braun‏

2 Feb


Cooking Unplugged with Braun

Braun launches cordless hand blender


Creating your favourite meals should always be an enjoyable task. For many , serving up delicious meals with the finest ingredients for friends or family is a joy. But with so many of these women having busy schedules and full lives, finding time to create food from scratch is constantly a challenge. With the new Braun Multiquick Cordless hand blender, creating your favourite recipes has never been easier.


With spare time for relaxing at a premium, the simple to use Braun Multiquick Cordless is a great addition to any kitchen, giving you more time to host and entertain, whether you’re in charge of the family barbeque, preparing your speciality dessert or making the kids fresh smoothies during a picnic in the park. Its versatility means your creativity and flair for new dishes never has to end.


The Braun Multiquick Cordless was developed by Braun in conjunction with its consumers during hundreds of testing and research sessions. The final product offers unsurpassed convenience and effortless versatility due to its unique, innovative switch concept and breakthrough new handle shape and ergonomics, bringing more lightness to everyday. The robust Braun Multiquick Cordless also maintains the power you would expect from a Braun Multiquick, handily combining a long battery life with a short charging time. The Braun Multiquick Cordless is also proven to be a more effective blender than its corded competitors, guaranteeing that cordless doesn’t have to mean a compromise on functionality.Being cordless, the Multiquick makes the kitchen your playground! Its full metal shaft and anti-splash design provide ultimate performance for pureeing smoothies, soup, sauces, milkshakes or dips thanks to its celebrated German design and engineering. The large chopper attachment with its unparalleled 1.0 litre capacity is perfect for preparing soft foods like sauces or to make light doughs and, on high speed, the chopper bowl is perfect for chopping herbs, onions, parmesan, chillies, nuts finely, as well as crushing ice, hard cheese and even mincing meat. All this saves you time and energy, space on your countertops and helps turn your daily chores into effortless food creation.



“I have been impressed by the versatility the Braun Multiquick Cordless offers. I am no longer tied down to one area when I’m preparing delicious meals. The power it offers has also opened up new possibilities for my culinary creations. Whether I am making a tasty sauce or dessert, the Braun Multiquick Cordless has surpassed my expectations for a cordless device and I can see the the results by the smiles on my familys faces after tasting the dishes I have prepared with it.” Said Chef Osama El Sayed, Braun celebrity Chef.


Ultimately there is a demand for products that help women do a lot in a little amount of time, so that they’re able to spend less time creating delicious meals and more time enjoying them with their families.”


The Braun Multiquick Cordless food processor gives you the opportunity to think bigger and go further. When it comes to food preparation, now even the sky isn’t a limit.



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    بعرف متى بضبط تعرضون العروض؟

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